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Green Team

Welcome to FPS

The Green Team

Welcome to GreenTeam.fayar.net, the digital home of the Fayetteville Public Schools Green Team. The Fayetteville Public Schools Green Team Website includes our eco-sustainability vision, green-focused schools, and green-resources to raise awareness at sustaining our environment, now and beyond!

Green Team Project Vision

The FPS District Green Teams are committed to educating students, parents, community members, etc. about environmental issues and therefore taking steps toward improving the environment in the home, school, community, workplace, county, and world.

Green Team Headlines

FPS Energy Challenge

Schools who take the Energy Challenge will work together to reduce electricity consumption during the month of March. Savings will be tracked during this time, but energy conservation will continue long after the results are announced! The school's total electricity consumption for the month will be compared to a baseline established from three years of data. The school with the greatest percentage reduction will receive $1,000 to reinvest in an environmentally friendly school improvement or project. The second place school will receive $500.

Click here to view the Energy Challenge flyer. PDF file


Green Pledges

"Green Pledges" from our district teachers and staff, at the recent education expo. Click below to see some great ways to create a green classroom.
Click here to view the Green Pledges slideshow.
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What is the "Green Team" ???

Each school has an individual Green Team of students, teachers, parents, and community volunteers working toward greater environmental sustainability both inside and outside the classroom.
Click here to view the Green Team Pamphlet.
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Tips for a Green Classroom

Unplug Appliances. Use Both Sides of Paper. Open the Blinds for Natural Daylight. Use Recycled Paper. Turn Off Water Faucets Tightly.
Click here to view more "Tips for a Green Classroom" PDF file


Green Team Slideshow

The FPS Green Team's are very active, and we have put together a slideshow that displays many of the Green Activities that are taking place throughout the district.
Click here to view the Green Team Slideshow.
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Green Bucks

Funds are available for up to $250 for your school's Green Team project. For more information contact Connie Crisp. (connie.crisp@fayar.net)


Green Team Celebration

The end of the year Green Team district celebration will be held on Wednesday, April 25th at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks from 10:30am - 1pm.  Green Teams from each school are invited to attend to celebrate their work and dedication throughout the year.


Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, students in the district will have the opportunity to once again create Earth Day cards on donated card stock this year. The front of the card will feature a graphic or drawing in honor of Earth Day. Students will then write their Earth Day Resolution on the back of the card. Resolutions will express an environmentally friendly goal.

Card stock will be distributed to schools in early April and completed cards will be collected and displayed on the Fayetteville Downtown Square during Earth Week. Please contact Dana Smith (dana.smith@fayar.net) for more information.


FPS Green Team Newsletter

The Green Team Newsletter is available by clicking on the image below, this will open the full viewing of the document. This newsletter is put together by students at Fayetteville High School, in an effort to promote the green activities throughout Fayetteville Public Schools. The feature stories in this edition include Calculating Green House Gas, City of Fayetteville Solid Waste Recycling, The Green Challenge, Ways You Can Be Green This New Year!, Green Facts!, Recycle Hazardous Waste, D.C. Climate Workshop, Root's Green Team Adopts a Creek, and Upcoming Events. An interesting fact is if we avoid 10 miles of driving every week, this would eliminate about 500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year. Also, for every 38,000 bills paid online, two tons of trees are preserved. Lastily, every day in the U.S., we produce enough trash to equal the weight of the Empire State Building. Please feel free to read the newsletter, and remember to Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce.