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Greener Future for FHS!

The FHS Green Team recently created and presented a slide show pertaining to the carbon footprint of FHS. This presentation took place at a meeting of the Fayetteville Board of Eduction. To see the presentation, click here.


Earth Day Activities

The students and faculty participated in many sustainability activities during Earth Day. These activities took place on-campus and off-campus. The activities included (pictures below):


Recycling with CBI

Not only are the students great fun to be with, but they also are environmentally conscious students that separate the recycled plastic bottles and cans.


Weekly, the students deliver the recyclables to the proper location so that the materials can be reused.


They are saving the world one bottle at a time!


Step 1 - Load the bus with the recycled materials
Step 2 - Recycle the materials.
Step 3 - Come back with more.


Solar Panels

Solar panels are installed on the roof of the FHS building, and are used as a source of power.






FPS Green Team Newsletter

The Green Team Newsletter is available by clicking on the image to the right, this will open the full viewing of the document. This newsletter is put together by students at Fayetteville High School, in an effort to promote the green activities throughtout Fayetteville Public Schools. The main stories in this edition include Recycling with the Leverett Lions, 1st Annual Sustainability Conference, Green Halloween, How Green are Fayetteville Schools?, and Upcoming Events. Please feel free to read the newsletter, and remember to Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce.


Earth Day Pictures