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NEW! Raised Beds Complete

Stage one, construction of front raised bed is complete. The dedication is scheduled for after lunch on April 22nd, Earth Day.


It looks like lots of classes will be doing great activities in conjunction with this project. Thank you volunteers, donors, planners, and supporters. Thank you for keeping contributing ideas for signs, plant communities to use, and ways to use this as a teaching tool.


The middle school, grades 6th and 7th, is currently recycling cans, and plastic bottles, including soda, water, and milk. These locations are set up in our cafeteria, and volunteers from our recycling club, Planet Holt, have a weekly rotation to take care of these. They empty the bottles daily into an igloo, located outside, and once it is filled, a recycling truck empties it.


Our Planet Holt students are also recycling paper. In each pack area, there are bags set up that say Recycle and students, on a rotation, go around to each of the pack teachers and empty the green boxes that are located in each room. The bags are then sat out every week for pick up.


Our club is currently setting up a recycling station for grocery bags, ink, and toner cartridges. This should be up in the next week or so.


We also collect and recycle box tops, Campbell’s labels, Neslie water labels and Tyson labels. These are collected and redeemed for supplies and/or money. The companies then recycle the labels that we send in.


As part of the recycling committee at Holt, we are making sure that every classroom and office have a recycling box for paper.


We cover cardboard boxes with green paper and a recycling symbol.


Plus, we are finding as the staff and students grow green in thinking, they are depositing plastic bottles, cans, and cardboard in's growing!

We are growing in the building the habit of recycling and do not anticipate an end anytime soon.


Eventually, we would hope that the City of Fayetteville will be able to take all waste refuse to the plant for distribution at the central recycling will be more efficient than ever. In the meantime, we will think green!

Planet Holt Newsletter

The Planet Holt Newsletter is available by clicking on the image to the right, this will open the full viewing of the document. This newsletter is put together by students at Holt Middle School, in an effort to help protect the environment. The main stories in this edition include Cans for Ca$h, Look for Green this Spring!, and Upcoming Events. Please feel free to read the newsletter, and remember to Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce.