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Welcome to The Green Team!

Leverett Elementary Green Activities

Green Team Leader: Karen Bley



School-Wide Recyling
All classes are recycling paper, which students collect and bag up for collection.
We are also recycling plastic, cans, glass, ink cartridges, and plastic bags.


Campus Cleanup
Students are in charge of keeping litter picked up around our campus.


Energy Conservation
Lights Out! - Lights in the building have been adjusted so that we are now using half the number of bulbs previously used. Our policy is to have all lights out when there is no one in the room. Students are assigned to make sure that lights are out when their class leaves the room.
Computers Off! - Students are assigned to turn computers in the computer lab on in the morning and off in the afternoon.


Environmental Education
Older students read books with environmental themes and information to younger students.


Rain Garden
Leverett is home to one of Fayetteville’s demonstration rain gardens. This is a cultivated area created to harvest rain.


Recycling Makes Cents!
Leverett has a new "Cash for Cans!" program this year. Students get paid for each aluminum can which they bring to school. Any profits made will be spent on needs determined by Student Council.