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Welcome to The Green Team!

McNair Middle School Green Activities

Green Team Leaders: Tracey Slattery and Virginia Brandt



Our Assistant Principal takes home cans and newspaper, and recycles in city recycling containers. He also turns out lights to offices, teacher's lounge, and classrooms that are not in use.


Our Cafeteria collects aluminum cans and gives to 7th grade science who sells cans and uses the money for the science department. McNair custodians collect mixed paper from teacher workrooms and newspapers from library, and put in a bin behind the building, that is picked up by a waste management company. There is also a cardboard recycling bin behind the building. McNair’s custodians recycle material from classroom recepticles.


McNair’s Library recycles newspapers, mixed paper, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans. The librarian takes bottles & cans home for curbside recycling since we don't have a collection container for those on our school grounds.


Seventh Grade Science recycles paper in the classroom.


Sixth Grade Math collects used paper, and students reuse the scrap paper for quickie math problems and then throw back in the recycle tub. Dry erase boards and markers are used when possible instead of paper and pencil. Also, the projector is used with natural light frequently and not classroom lights.


Sixth Grade GT collects mixed paper for recycling at school. GT then takes classroom newspapers and plastic bottles to the city recycling center.