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Root Elementary Green Activities

Green Team Leaders: Marian Bolen and Catherine Von Hatten



NEW! Root is Working Hard

Root Elementary has been working hard this year. Aside from recycling paper, aluminum, plastic bottles and bags, we wanted to focus on reducing the enormous amount of waste in the cafeteria. We switched from plastic to silver utensils at the end of last year, and started this year with good lunch box packing demonstrations. We showed the students how to make good "reusable" packing choices and to stay away from "disposable" drinks, snack containers and baggies. Also, the cafeteria workers are now recycling their steel and tin food cans. What a reduction!


Our long term project this year was naming the creek behind our school. From start to finish, the fourth graders at our school were leaders and positive role models. Each 4th grade class was given a topic to research and use to choose a name. The three classes then voted on their choices and Ni-O-Kas-Ka was chosen. This is an Osage name meaning "Children of the middle waters".


The students then took their resolution to the City Council where it was approved. The students and staff planned a ceremony to celebrate and dedicate the creek. Chief Red Eagle from the Osage Nation came to our school during Earth Week and blessed our creek, passing the responsibility of caring for the creek onto our children. It was beautiful. This project will continue to grow with each generation, we look forward to growing with it and becoming more green every year.


Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

We are recycling paper, plastic--including bags and cardboard. We also pick up litter. We reduce our use of paper by using both sides when printing and writing.


4th Grade - 5th Grade

We reduce car emissions by walking to school when possible. Teachers reduce the amount of paper they use by using projected learning material. We make our environment more green by planting trees, shrubs, and grass on our school ground.


Root Cafeteria Program

Root has replaced their plastic forks and spoons with reusable metal flatware. The students have learned how to separate flatware from other trash when they return their lunch trays.