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Welcome to The Green Team!

Vandergriff Elementary Green Activities

Green Team Leaders: Nancy Ballard and Teresa Cornett



Kindergarten – 3rd Grade

Interested third grade students are meeting every other Thursday during recess to work on ways to encourage reduction of waste production at our school. At our first meeting, we made posters to place on the front of collection bags to put in each classroom for mixed-paper recycling. Future plans include designing skits, videos and cheers to encourage younger grade children and their teachers to reduce, reuse, and recycle. The leaders of this group have taken responsibility for picking up trash that blows in on our school playground.


A team of third grade boys has taken responsibility for turning off and turning on the computers in our lab each day so that there is no “vampire electricity” being sucked out during the night!


In cooperation with the Ozark Botanical Gardens, Vandergriff students have planted a “monarch waystation” that provides migrating butterflies with the food sources and habitats they need to lay eggs and sustain them on their journey from Canada to Mexico each year.


Our technology teacher has a huge interest in energy conservation, so she’s taken out every other fluorescent bulb in her classroom, and has added two free-standing lamps with compact fluorescent bulbs, which use less energy. She also has a white paper recycling program in her classroom.

4th Grade – 5th Grade

Older students are making plans to collect recyclable drink bottles. They also will pick up and consolidate the white and mixed paper collection bins from individual classrooms for pickup by the city. These students are also concerned about the use of foam trays and plasticware by the food service department for the last kids served in the cafeteria each day. They have been told that the use of these products helps save “man hours” in cleaning up, but they wonder if the costs of the products might not be more than the price of paying an employee to wash dishes. (Their teachers admire the true inquiry and problem solving opportunities of this real-life concern!)