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Washington Elementary Green Activities

Green Team Leaders: Melissa Wick and Lory Hall



Washington Elementary's Fifth Grade will be participating in the "Great Arkansas Clean-up"

This project is part of our Green Team initiative and will supplement our current science topic on ecosystems and how people impact their environment. The students will be working in teams of two to pick up trash in the vicinity of the school, the surrounding neighborhoods, and Wilson Park. The two classes will take two different routes and will divide the park into two sections for the clean-up. We will see how much trash can be gathered in a 30-45 minute time span .Student teams will be competing for prizes to see which two person team from each class picks up the most trash.The trash collected will be brought back to school and weighed and the amounts recorded to determine the winning team. We also plan to do a follow up math activity the next day as we add the total number of pounds and look at statistics for litter. Cindi Cope with the "Great Arkansas Clean-up" has provided our classes with trash bags, rubber gloves, hand sanitizer, and T-shirts for prizes.


Washington Elementary is initiating the following activities:


Two Cans or Less Award

Mrs. Wick helps to reduce student paper trash for custodians by establishing the "Two Cans or Less Award." To encourage the recycling of paper, each class will have the goal of filling two small classroom trash cans or less each day. The night custodians will award classes by placing a recycling sticker on a chart outside each classroom. All classes that have met their goal of no more than one trash can per day at the end of the month will be rewarded.


Lights Out

One child per class will be designated on a rotating basis as the person in charge of turning out the room lights each time the class leaves. We are planning to do an energy audit before this begins and after to see the amount of savings incurred.


Save a Tree - Recycle Your Paper

Second grade is gathering the recycled paper from each class’s recycling bins on Tuesday afternoons for pick-up.


Dollars for Bags

We are participating in Wal-Mart’s bags for cash program. To encourage students to bring in bags to school, we will reward them with a “Wildcat Dollar” each time they bring in five or more plastic bags for recycling. Collection boxes are located upstairs and in the front foyer.


Cans for Cash

Recycling bins are being placed in the cafeteria and hallways for plastics and cans. Fifth grade will be in charge of sorting the materials and bagging the cans for sale. Parent and teacher volunteers will take the aluminum cans to the recycling center. The number of pounds and amount of cash earned will be charted in the hallway.


Great Arkansas Cleanup

Fifth grade is participating this year by cleaning up Wilson Park and the area surrounding our school.


Recycle Old Batteries

Collection box located in the library.


Recycle Energy Saver Light Bulbs

ESIFE students will have collection boxes upstairs and downstairs.


Energy Saver Heat/Air System

Our school has an energy saver system for heat/air, that which helps to cut down on energy costs.


School Information via Email

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Plastic, Paper, and Aluminum Bins

Mr. Lechtenberger collects and maintains the classroom recycling bins.