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Welcome to The Green Team!

Woodland Junior High Green Activities

Green Team Leaders: Susan Abram, Larry Driver, Jeanette Dunsworth, Shay Hopper, and Rick Ternes



Current ‘Green’ Programs in existence at Woodland
* Curb the Clutter (street adoption of Woodland Street, which runs along the western side of the school campus) Project
* STOPS (Sweep your school for litter; Talk to friends; Organize the litter; Predict the problem; Save the Earth) Program
* TAG (Teens Against Graffiti) Program
* Cafeteria is re-evaluating the usage of paper goods for service items versus the washing of reusable dishware

* Photos - Shay Hopper and the Round-Up Yearbook staff (9th grade) will photograph ‘Green’ events at Woodland


WJHS Green Team Program Goals
Recycling Program – white paper, newspaper, plastic bottles and paperboard to begin on January 7, 2008
* Program announcement and information rollout – target date – December 1st - 14th
* Mr. Ternes’ 9th grade Health classes will create a theme/logo for overall project and assign 2 person teams from his homeroom to work with assigned homerooms in building on information rollout and education about program.
* They will also assemble information packets for all homeroom teachers outlining who (collectors), when (sched of collection), where (receptacles in rooms and cafeteria), what (items to be recycled) and how recycling program will work – step-by-step information.
* A ‘Green Team’ faculty rep will also speak at the December faculty meeting to provide overview and answer general questions.
* Mrs. Hopper’s 8th grade Journalism class will write an article with program information in the December Cowboy Courier Newsletter.

Sustainability Information Flyers – December 1st - 14th
* Mr. Ternes’ 9th grade Health classes will carry logo and theme of project onto information flyers that will be placed throughtout Woodland Junior High.
* Flyers will encourage faucets, lights, copiers, computers, and printers to be turned off when not in use.
* Mr. Ternes’ class will design, print, laminate, post, and maintain the flyers.

Recycling Program Implementation – January 7 – Collection in new receptacles will begin in classrooms and cafeteria
* ‘A’ hall faculty ‘green’ monitor – Shay Hopper
* ‘B’ hall faculty ‘green’ monitor – Jeanette Dunsworth
* ‘C’ hall faculty ‘green’ monitor – Larry Driver
* ‘D’ hall faculty ‘green’ monitor – Larry Driver
* ‘E’ hall faculty ‘green’ monitor – Rick Ternes
* Mr. Ternes’ student teams in 2nd period Health class will facilitate physical collection of items once a week from classrooms
* Mrs. Hopper’s 5th period 8th grade Journalism class will assist with any needed follow-up or additional collection
* Mrs. Hopper’s 9th grade Round Up Yearbook staff will monitor lunch collection of plastic bottles during both 4th period lunches (possible rotating with members of 8th grade Journalism class as well)

Requesting Sponsorship of Program from WJHS PTO
* 45 small recycling bins for each classroom in Woodland
* 3 large recycling receptacles for the cafeteria and for holding until collection
* Plastic gloves for handling recyclables
* Green smocks or aprons for students to wear when handling recyclables and when collecting litter around campus
* Stickers for ‘badges’ for student participants to wear while collecting (printed in-house)
* Large, clear plastic trash bags for collection of plastic bottles (as req’d by the City)
* Collection of said materials by the City of Fayetteville, once a quarter, for $29 per quarter
* Folders for homeroom teacher packets and copies
* Paper for signage
* Other necessary supplies for safety


Long Term/Additional Goals
* Expanding the “Curb the Clutter” Project - by adopting the two remaining streets around Woodland (Poplar and Green Acres) – Driver/Hopper/Ternes and GT, Journalism and Health students.
* Vegetable and Flower Garden - Mr. Ternes and Health students to plant, study, analyze and understand healthy eating choices in conjunction with Mr. Kunzelmann’s 9th grade Studio Art classes for still life projects.
* New Landscaping after the Remodel of the Front of WJHS - once complete, using native Arkansas plants - Mr. Driver and GT students.
* Curriculum-based Research Project for GT Students - these students will analyze waste and suggest alternative solutions for Woodland community - Mr. Driver and GT students.
* Curriculum-based Research Project for 8th Grade Science Students - organized by Susan Abram, 8th grade Science teacher, the project will analyze consumption, waste, and suggest alternative solutions for the Woodland community.



Green Team Activities

Lindsay Asbury (8th Grade Science/Math and FCA sponsor) and 9th Grade FCA students pick up trash on their Adopted Mile at Lake Fayetteville.













Jeanette Dunsworth's 8th and 9th Grade Student Council members are awarded a "Good Works" Check for their T.A.G. Program (Teens Against Graffiti) from Wal-Mart Corporate Office.